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Vale - Fiji
Viti - Fiji
Oka - Samoa
Biru - Indonesia
Merah - Indonesia
Kupono - Hawaii
Moana - Tahiti
Reva - Tahiti
Manumanu - Sea Life


Canvas Stretching

Gallery wrapping the canvas over stretcher bars approximately 1 ½” deep gives the print an elegant look without having to frame. This requires mirroring the image an additional 2” around all sides of the image before printing to ensure that the entire image is captured when the final piece is presented.


Trios Collection
casta     tei    
Sami Lagoon
Tei Trio
  dream   kami  
Dreamscape Trio
Kami Trio
  play trio   waves trio  
Playgrounds Trio
Waves Trio
  manumanu trio  
Manumanu Trio
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